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    Cherry Knolls Swim Club total active memberships shall be limited to 275.

    Registration will open for next years season on March 1st 2019.

    Charter Memberships:

    Charter memberships are those memberships established by the Swim Club at its inception. Charter memberships were awarded to those individuals and families who made an initial cash contribution to the pool property and the incorporation of the club. Membership is at a fixed number of 222 and considered equity owners of the club and property.

    Charter members enjoy yearly discounted dues and special rental privileges. Contact the board at about current availability of Charter memberships available for purchase from either a private party or the swim club board for a price to be determined (current going rate of approximately $400) and are perpetual in duration. Memberships are subject to revocation for failure to timely payment of required yearly dues.

    Charter memberships may be sold or transferred privately to any individual or family at a price to be determined by the parties. A Charter membership may not be sold to a corporation, partnership or organization, nor can it be owned by may be owned by more than one family. Each Charter membership in good standing of dues, including inactive membership, is allotted one vote. In addition, Charter members may place their membership on a non-active status for an annual fee. The Charter membership may remain inactive indefinitely.

    Divorced or separated couples should determine who maintains the Charter membership. That individual alone, along with immediate children, shall enjoy all the privileges of membership. Non-member parents may accompany their children from time-to-time, provided the former spouse member does not object. The Charter member may bring others to the Club, but must register them as guests and pay the guest fee. Under no circumstances shall the non-member former spouse be allowed to bring guests.

    Charter members have the option of activating their membership in any time and shall have priority over Seasonal members in determining the total active membership in any given year. Seasonal memberships shall not be terminated or cancelled during any summer swim season as a result of activation of a Charter Member.

    Charter members dues must be paid in full by May1st of each year. If the dues are not paid in full by May1st, a registered letter shall be sent by the Board to the delinquent member giving notice of the amount owed. The member has ten (10) days from the date of receipt of such letter to pay all unpaid dues or other assessments that may be levied at the discretion the Board. If all such amounts are not paid within ten (10) days of receipt of the registered letter, the Charter Membership shall be revoked and shall thereupon be repossessed and owned by the Cherry Knolls Swim Club.

    2018 Charter Member Dues  
    Family $450  
    Couple $400  
    Single (age 21+) $300  
    Senior Couple (age 55+) $310 
    Senior Single (age 55+) $250
    Non-Active $150  

    If you would like to be on the waiting list for a Charter membership please email

    Seasonal Memberships:

    Seasonal memberships are those sold and accepted by the Swim Club Board on an annual basis. Seasonal members have use of the Swim Club for the year in which the membership was purchased and receive no entitlement to a renewal of their membership in subsequent years. Because of the existence of the 222 Charter memberships the distribution of Seasonal memberships shall be determined by the number of active Charter memberships in any given year up to a total active membership of 275.

    2018 Seasonal Membership Dues

    Family $550
    Couple $450
    Single (age 21+) $350
    Senior Couple (age 55+) $325
    Senior Single (age 55+) $275

    Payment Classifications:

    Family Memberships: defined as those household family members residing within the MEMBERSHIP HOUSEHOLD and identified on the membership application form

    Couple: defined as any two household members with at least one having reached the age of 21 residing within the membership household and identified on the membership application form.

    Single: Defined as one family member or household resident, age 21 or older.

    Senior Couple: Defined as two household family members age 55 or older.

    Non-Active Charter: Defined as Charter members who place their membership on inactive status. Non-active members will be allowed 3 visits to the pool each season.

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    Registration open to all members - Charter & Season (as of 3/1/2018)

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