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    Guest Policies

    As Cherry Knolls Swim Club is a private club, a paid guest policy is enforced. All guests must be accompanied by a member at least 12 years of age. Positive identification of guests is required. All members must register their guests at the front desk.

    1. There will be a charge of $3.00 per guest per visit.* All fees must be paid prior to the use of the Club. Please pay guest fees to a lifeguard on duty or present your guest punch pass to them. Please see the Club manager for guest pass punch cards.

    2. Non-Active Charter members with paid dues will be allowed three (3) visits during the season with guests. Guest fees will apply.

    3. Charter Senior members may bring their grandchildren at no extra charge.

    4. Baby-sitters (ages 12 and over), regardless of membership, will be allowed to visit at no extra charge provided they are accompanying member children.

    5. The management reserves the right to expel or suspend Club privileges to any member willfully violating guest policies or aiding non-members in unauthorized entry.

    6. Guests use the facilities of the Club at their own risk. The Club will not be liable for any accident or injury in connection with such use. Members will inform their guests of this policy.

    7. Members with Guest Pass Cards must present the card each time they bring a guest or the appropriate guest fees will apply.

    8. Cherry Knolls Residents who are not members will be allowed only three (3) guest visits during the season. They must be accompanied by a member and guest fees will apply.

    9. Local guests are allowed five (5) guests visits during the season. They must be accompanied by a member and guest fees will apply.

    *Punch cards will be available for $25.00 for ten (10) visits.

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